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About us

Darga is a special project created to help people from all backgrounds to learn to read from the Torah.  To this end, we have recently published the textbook, Darga: The Method for Learning Taamei Hamikra.  This book, which comes with  CD, helps people of every age and level learn the cantorial melodies for reading the Torah.  The system enables students to listen to beautiful and precise readings of the Torah, and then eventually practice and test ones self, thereby learning to read from the Torah. 

The method employed by Darga is based on the principle of cumulative learning, wherein each lesson includes material that was previously studied, so that the student progresses with the book and needs not return to earlier lessons. 

This method is a breakthrough in teaching and studying independently the cantorial melodies for reading from the Torah.  It is for this reason that so many individuals and institutions, teachers and Bar Mitzva boys, professionals and amateurs, young and old have chosen Darga to help them learn to read from the Torah. 

Addition, Darga publishes special SOFTWARE sets of CD's containing readings from the Torah for various audiences.  For example, we have created sets for Bar Mitzva boys that include the reading for the Torah, the Maftir, and the Haftorah in a clear and precise reading.  Additionally, we have CDs of reading of the Five Scrolls. 

Darga also works with other organizations involved in Jewish education throughout Israel and the Diaspora.  A number of groups consult with Darga about teaching how to read from the Torah. 

Various articles written by the staff of Darga have appeared in weekly periodicals and other publications. 

Darga is also in touch with many professional readers and teachers, and provides them with resources to help teach Torah reading.  

The project was founded by the Kochav (Koch) family, which has been involved for many years in the area of careful readings of the Torah.   

Mr. Aharon Koch, head of the family, is a certified scribe, and has taught Hebrew language and grammar for many years. 

Rabbi David Kochav is the executive director of the project.  He has been ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.  He has studied for many years the correct pronunciation of Hebrew, and often consults with leading rabbis in this field. 

Rabbi Baruch Kochav authored the book, Darga: The Method for Learning Taamei Hamikra, and invented the unique method used for learning to read from the Torah with the special cantorial melodies.  He is also a certified ritual scribe and a professional reader in Hebron. 

Rabbi Dan Kochav is the director of the project, and teacher for Torah reading. 

In order to advance our goal of spreading this unique method for learning to read from the Torah.  


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