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terms of use



  1. The store serves as an electronic mall for purchasing products and services by Internet surfers, by participating, among others, in regular sales and / or and public auctions. In order to purchase in the store you must be 18 years and above, have an email account and have a valid credit card.
  2. A prior condition to the validity of a purchase is the approval of the credit card company for the deal and collection.
  3. The instructions in these regulations will apply on every usage and purchase made by you in this store. These regulations serve as an obliging contract between you and the store, for any issue and matter.
  4. Youíre requested to fully read these regulations in depth, as a prior condition to the connection between the sides.
  5. Surfing in the store and / or purchasing a product and / or services offered for sale, serves as your agreement to accept and work according to the regulations. Therefore if you donít agree to a condition from these regulations, youíre requested not to make any use of the store.

Sales Ė general

  1. The store allows you to purchase different products / services through the store, in a comfortable, easy and fast way, at attractive prices.
  2. The storeowners and its operators (hereinafter: ďsuppliersĒ) offers through the store products and services for sale in various possibilities.

The sale methods in the store


Selected products at wholesaler prices. The prices in group sales are fixed and final. The quantity of the items will be set according to the number of offers and in any case no more then the offered quantity. Every offer wins and is treated immediately. The price includes taxes should the law require so, unless written so explicitly.


In a regular sale a limited quantity of products are offered for sale at a fixed price.

The procedure of the sale will take place in the following terms:

  1. The store presents a list of products including all the details regarding the product or the service offered for sale and the fixed price. The sale is until the stock is finished.
  2. In a regular sale, each participant is allowed to choose whether to give his credit card information via the store itself or by leaving details on an answering machine, as advertised.
  3. The completion of the sale procedure is conditioned to the approval and verification of the transaction by telephone and / or the email of the participant within 24 hours of performing the order and that the requested product exists in the store stock at the time of completing the sale procedure.

Method of participation in the sales

  1. After completion of the registration procedure, each participant will choose a user name and password. After choosing a user name and password, you must enter some basic information that will appear in the registration form such as: name, address, email address, phone number, credit card information etc.
  2. Entering all the information serves as a prior condition for performing the sale. After entering all the details, the participant turns into a ďcollaboratorĒ. For assuring performing a quick and efficient order without faults, itís necessary to enter all the details accurately.
  3. Directly after performing the order, the store will check the credit card details together with approving the order with the credit card company. A suitable notice that the transaction was approved will be sent to the customer.
  4. After approving the transaction, the sale will be registered in the stores computer and the transaction details can be seen in the link ďcustomer cardĒ in the store, within 24 hours.
  5. Debiting the customer for the product or service ordered by him, will take place through the credit card, after the approval of the transaction by the credit card company.
  6. The details as inserted in the registration form and the recording of the transaction in the stores computer will serve as conclusive evidence for the readiness of the transactions.
  7. Submitting false details is a criminal felony and can stand for criminal and civil legal procedures.
  8. In cases that the credit card company doesnít approve the transaction, the customer will receive a suitable notice according to which the customer should contact by phone the stores customer service center in order to organize the transaction approval with the credit card company. In such a case, the time of delivery will start from the transaction approval by the credit card company. If the customer didnít sort out the transaction within 7 days from receiving notice that the credit card company didnít approve the transaction, the store and its operators will see the transaction as cancelled.
  9. The storeowners and its operators (hereinafter: ďsuppliersĒ) will display in the store details regarding the product and / or service, price, warranty, time of supply, etc.
  10. For additional details and inquiries, you can contact the site manager by phone and / or email as appears in the store.

Canceling orders

  1. Due to the methods customary in the store, an offer canít be cancelled or changed during the sale and before the time of closure.
  2. As a rule, a customer may cancel a transaction subjected and according to the instructions in the customer protection law 1981 (hereinafter: ďthe lawĒ).
  3. Itís permitted to cancel the purchase of a product within 14 days of receiving the product. Only a notice sent by mail and / or fax and / or email directly to the store will do the cancellation.
  4. In a case of canceling a transaction, the customer will be charged an estimation of 5% but not more then 100 NIS, according to the directions in the law.
  5. If the product was supplied to the winner, the obligation of returning the product to the suppliers warehouse is on the customer.                                                                       Itís agreed that the customer will return the product in its original package, whole and without damage and / or harm and / or defect of any kind.
  6. Itís agreed between the sides that the customer will be charged the full sum of the delivery even if heís yet to receive the package, as long as the product of the transaction has already been sent.
  7. A product that has been dismantled and assembled canít be returned unless the supplier gave his consent in advance.
  8. The store will be entitled to cancel a transaction or an entire or partial sale in the following cases:

8.1   A mistake was made whether in the price of the product or the product description.

8.2   If it will be found that a failure in communication and / or a technical problem that prevented the surfers to use the site properly.

8.3   In a case of extraordinary force, act of war, animosity, terror and / or any other way that will prevent a proper sale.

8.4   In a case that no offers for purchasing the products offered in the site.

  1. A notice of canceling of a sale will be sent to the buyers by telephone and / or email to the address registered in the registration form.
  2.  If a product ran out of stock after a sale was preformed, the store and / or supplier are entitled to cancel the sale and / or offer an equivalent alternative product.            A notice of the cancellation will be done by telephone or by mail.
  3. The store and / or supplier wonít be responsible for any direct / indirect / consequential or special damage that will be caused to the customer and / or to a third party, including financial damage due to purchasing a product at a higher price at a third party.


  1. The site operators will supply the purchased product or service to the address as inserted in the registration form, within the time frame stated on the sale page of the product, unless stated specifically otherwise.  
  2. The store and / or operators will supply the purchased product and / or service according to the supply conditions on the sale page, according to full payment via the credit card. 

The storeowner and operators wonít be eligible to a delay in supplying a product in the following cases:


2.1  Extraordinary force including war, animosity acts, emergency situations and nature damages.


2.2  A strike by the service suppliers or merchandise needed to produce and / or transport the products.


2.3  Any reason that isnít in the companyís control.


  1. In areas with restricted access for security reasons, the store and / or supplier will be entitled to supply the products to the customer at a nearby and acceptable place, with advance coordination with the customer.
  2. The delivery time of products and / or services as indicated on the sale pages include business days only, meaning Sunday through Thursday, not including Friday, Shabbat, the evening of a holiday and holidays.

Delivery fee

  1. The customer will pay the delivery fee separately at the time of supply or at the time of payment of the product.
  2. When paying in payments, the store and / or supplier are entitled to collect the delivery fee with the first payment.
  3. The customer may collect the product directly from the supplier with advance coordination with the supplier as to the place and time of collection.
  4. Itís agreed that in a case of collection by the customer, no delivery fee will be taken from the customer.

Customer service

  1. And question or inquiry regarding products displayed in the site including the technical specification of the product, information of product operation, warranty etc. can be turned to the site operators.
  2. For details and inquiries regarding the activation of the site and its activities, you can turn to the site manager at

Tel: 011-972-77-3228229

Email: webmaster@darga.org.il

Please state a phone number when sending an email.

  1. The store representatives will be happy to be at your service for any question regarding the purchase procedure, entering the site and the usage of it in order to make the purchasing a pleasant experience and to make it easy and simple.

Securing private information

  1. The store takes acceptable security measures to protect, as much as possible, the information secrecy. The transferring of information in the site is done in a coded way with SSL technology.
  2. Any transfer of a credit card number from the site is done in a coded way according to standards. In cases that arenít under control or derive from extraordinary force, the store wonít be responsible for any kind of damage, direct or indirect that is caused to the customer or from his behalf, if this information will get lost or reach a hostile cause and / or will be used with our permission.
  3. The store obligates itself not to make any personal use of the customers details listed in the site besides for operating the site, and in order to allow making the purchase.


  1. The store administration keeps the right to change from time to time the purchasing rules and regulations according to her exclusive judgment. Itís clarified that a change in the procedures wonít be made during performing a sale procedure.
  2. The pictures exhibited in the site are for illustration only, and donít obligate the store.
  3. The store is responsible for the contents advertised in the links existing in the site and that lead to other site that can be reached wit the same link.                                       Together with this, the store isnít liable that the link in all the links will take the surfer to an active site.
  4. The store and / or someone on her behalf wonít be responsible or take part in and direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused the user or a third party, as a consequence or using or purchasing through the site including purchasing in a sale procedure, against the regulations, no matter what the claim will be, including income loss and / or profit prevention that will be caused from any reason and the store saves herself the right to cancel the specific purchase with a written notice to the customer.
  5. The store wonít be responsible for the assembly and / or installation of products purchased in the site and this responsibility will be on the customer and on his expense.
  6. The customer will be directly responsible for the maintenance and service needed for the product purchased by the site, unless written otherwise.
  7. Icons, any information and / or exhibitions displayed in the site, including g graphics, styling, verbal presentation, trade symbols, logo symbols including their editing and display on the site, are in the exclusive ownership or the store and / or someone on her behalf.
  8. Itís forbidden to copy, duplicate, distribute, publicize or use in any other way the contents in the site, unless the store gave written permission in advance to do so.
  9. The stores computer recordings regarding the transactions done through the site will serve as proof to the correctness of the actions.
  10. A mistake in the description of a product, wonít commit the store and / or suppliers. 


  1. The store is aware to the sensitivity involved in activating an internet sales site, and so is strict to manage the store with caution, skill and in a supervised way.
  2. Itís explicitly prohibited by any factor in the store, or any one connected to her to take part in the tenders.                                                                                                     Company workers and suppliers are signed on a document that explicitly prohibits them from making purchasing through the site.
  3. A full documentation is kept of every sale made through the site, including all the offers received and the winning offers.


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