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Download/Listen for Parashah Maftir and Haftorat Pekudey
Ashkenazik Sefarad Vocalization
"darga" price: $ 17


The VaYakhel portion Maftir and Haftorah

in Ashkenazik Sefarad Vocalization

is read by Cantor Rabbi Baruch Kochav.

The file can be downloaded and listened

to only after payment has been confirmed by the credit

card company, which is done almost instantly

After purchasing a file, it can be downloaded and listened to without

limitations The recording is in WMA format,

and is about 19MB in size

Downloading the file might take a few minutes

Listening to files requires Microsoft Media Player

or a comparable program.

If you dont have Microsoft Media Player

click here to download the player

All rights are reserved by Bikurim Publishing

notes: The following programs are necessary for downloading and listening:
Windows 98 or above.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or above.
Microsoft Media Player or equivalent.

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